Pacific Naturals

About Pacific Naturals

Pacific Naturals is a manufacturer of herbal supplements, liquid formulas, and capsule products. We believe in helping people enrich their lives by consuming only natural ingredients. Pacific Naturals had developed a line of effective beauty and health products. We give retailers and vendors the best prices available, hardly above manufacturing costs.

All of our products pass extremely strict Quality Control processes before they are placed on the market. All of our raw materials are pure before they are used in production. If any material does not meet the standards set by our Quality Control team, it is discarded, no matter what the production stage may be.

Our equipment at Pacific Naturals goes through a rigorously scheduled cleaning process to insure there are no contaminants. The Department of Agriculture can review our Quality Control documents at any time.

We at Pacific Naturals believe in a thorough product analysis that contains specific information about the herbal components used including lot number and production methods. All of our packaging material is obtained from trustworthy wholesalers. Quality Control assures that nothing has been mislabeled and new labels are checked with the originals to prevent mistakes. Products are checked for authenticity and then released to the pharmacy.

Our manufacturing process is equally rigorous as our Quality Control program.  All equipment used for mixing granulations is inspected by the Director of Operations prior to use. The Director of Operations inspects the processes many times over. Once the unit has been processed, Quality Assurance insures the integrity of the product.

 Everything is stored in a specifically designed container to make sure the product is fresh and free of contaminants.  Liquids follow the same procedure as granulated products. All products receive a final inspection before packaging and follows regulations set by the Federal Drug Administration. Final products are stored in a climate controlled area.